The Menu

gl7-2017We have no fixed menu. Instead we serve what we shoot, catch or pick on the way to the restaurant in the morning.

However, we do as a rule have some herrings and some good, Danish lunch classics and a warm lunch menu, or whatever is good today.

You can read about the debaucheries of the day in the showcase at the entrance to the restaurant.

You are also welcome to call us to hear what’s cooking.

See our current menu here

Wine List

gl10-2017We don’t aim to have a long wine list – that would be expensive and a burden on our guests.

But we do have a good selection of quality wines, and even the cheapest one on the list is a lovely drop of wine which you may comfortably serve to your guests.

Do you have something to celebrate?

Then please ask for the list of treasury wines where you will find some gold nuggets that don’t cost an arm and a leg.